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ABOUT ME (Obinna)

I am a kool guy i live a kool life i dont need much to be high.
My name is PRINCE OBINNA OSITADIMMA i came from the family of one High Chief Odoemenah.My family is that of the middle class.
My school background is nothing to enclose to anyone.I made it as a promise so you can't make a difference..      

  One thing about me is that i like visiting friends and living a simple life despite the fact that am not a rich guy but simplicity is my best way of life. I am not a talkative and i love playing games (electronic games) and chatting out with friends. Apart for the fact of home,computer is another place i base much. I read books only if neccessary

About my love life,my parents have won that.




Friends is the tap-root of all evil and good so i feel i should not remain non chalant constuent of my past proffession to allow friends drift you to the point of no return. History will never exonerate me from the willful sin of omision. 

                                                       MALE FRIENDS

My male friens are the one i know are very encouragable and understandable.If am opportuned to tell you about my friends, They are much that i will sleep in the computer calling them but all the same ENUFF G is one i can uphold,Sheriff can,t make a difference.Delon,Don Zigwe,Sconful and Pudens makes me feel better.So tell me,Whom shall i CALL?

                                                    FEMALE FRIENDS

Well i dont trust most girls thats why i dont make friends with them.Nowadays girls talk of nothing but money and they dont seem to ask were the money comes from. They may make you to think to the point of a very high velocity of BP ross.You hardly see a girl whom you will talk to and she will remain nonchalant on the issue of money. but all the same whenever i have one you must know about it.


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News at live    since 1964....

   Mr O.Obinna Prince have always been a prestigious member in terms of Internet news. He was allowed to work as an internet contact fellow on the 7th day of August 2003 and was made an Internet caster on the 7th of August 2004 exactly one year of Hoe Brigain's rankies day.

 O.Obinna Prince has been a contact that has been endowing our internet messages amongs all the contacts in Nigeria.He gives a weekly news on and about imo state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN) 

O.Obinna Prince  has always remain Obedient to the intire HBBC and since August 2003 he has failed to deliver only eight (8) weekly news which was said to be unfashionable but all the same he still have our compliments.

  This is one thing i should let the entire HBBC workers both on internet and ground to know.       

                                                                                        December 22 2004

                                                                                        McCarthy Johnson

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call me via 0803 5084740 int.l +234 803 508 4740